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If you are one of the many AA members doing service beyond your group, or if you are interested in doing this, the internet is valuable tool; almost an essential tool in this day and age.

In 2007 the group conscience of AA in Australia adopted aaservice.org.au as the official national service website. This means we can talk to one another about AA service better than ever before.

How to Register

Here are a few simple steps for AA members who do not use the internet every day, but would like to get more involved.

  1. From your home computer, or a library or internet café, open the internet and put in the address http://www.aaservice.org.au/ where you will find the opening page that says: Welcome to the AA Service Website.
  2. On the right side, under the login box, click on “Register” (or click here).
  3. Fill in your User name. Your first name and last name initial, without a space (e.g. JohnD), is commonly used, but that is up to you. Nicknames that conceal your identity are not helpful on this sort of site.
  4. Fill in your E-mail address. You have an assurance that this is not made public so you don’t get unwanted email as a result.
  5. Fill in your Home group and the Service Position that you hold in your group, district, area, CSO or whatever.
  6. After you click on Create new account at the bottom you will see a new screen saying: Your password and further instructions have been sent to your e-mail address. It takes a little while for this to happen. (Also, that kind of email can often be redirected as spam, so you may need to look in your spam filter if you have one.)
  7. This email will provide an easy way for you to login for the first time when you must change your password to something you can remember. You can also change your password later, if you need to. Then, you can login anytime with that username and password (or even remain logged in if you don’t logout).
  8. Once logged in you are inside the members’ area with the latest stories that someone has written about their AA service on display. In the menu at the top, and also down the right hand side, you can access all past posts, conference material, downloads, and other sites such as AA areas, groups and events and access to useful service materials via the National AA website. You cannot get all these links from the National Website itself because it serves a different purpose and is a ‘public face’ of AA.
  9. There is an Ask-it Basket where you can leave a question that anyone may try to answer, Discussion Forums where you can post your opinion and detailed instructions on How to contribute [CURRENTLY CLOSED].
  10. The easiest way to contribute is to send a few paragraphs of text as a ‘Story’ about what you are doing, or someone else is doing, or someone could be doing, by way of AA service. You e-mail this to the Editor or, if you are writing frequently, you could be given editing rights yourself. Then, if you read someone else’s ‘Story’ and want to comment on that, you click on Add new comment and a box will come up for you to type straight into. You can also add your own flyers or photos as attachments. It’s simple once you get going.
  11. Stories appear on the front page when they are new and then are arranged in the most appropriate section. The Service Area on this website (top right of screen) is divided into PI&CPC (Public Information and Cooperation with the Professional Community), T&CF (Treatment and Correctional Facilities), International, Literature and Service Structure.
  12. By contributing to this website you will not only be able to watch it grow as more people become involved, but you will be enhancing the ability of AA to ‘carry the message’ according to our primary purpose.


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