The AA Guidelines

Guidelines for Printing Feb 2019
The AA Guidelines are compiled from the experience of AA members in the various service areas. They also reflect guidance given through the Twelve Traditions and the Australian and North American General Service Conference

The Guidelines Complete – 2018

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  • GL-01 Suggestions for Leading Beginners’ Meetings
  • GL-02 AA Conference-Approved Literature
  • GL-03 The General Service Representative
  • GL-04 Information on Alcoholics Anonymous
  • GL-05 Australian General Service Structure Simplified
  • GL-06 Regional Forums
  • GL-07 Public Information & Co-Operation with the Professional Community
  • GL-08 Court & Similar Programs
  • GL-09 AA Answering Services
  • GL-10 Armed Services
  • GL-11 Relationship Between AA and Al-Anon
  • GL-12 Central Service Offices (updated Feb 2018)
  • GL-13 Clubs
  • GL-14 Conferences and Conventions
  • GL-15 The National Convention
  • GL-16 Treatment & Correctional Facilities Committees
  • GL-17 For AA Members Employed in the Alcoholism Field
  • GL-18 Carrying the Message to the Hearing-Impaired Alcoholic
  • GL-19 Forming Local Committees on Co-Operation with the Professional Community
  • GL-20 Use of AA’s Trademarks and Logos
  • GL-21 AA and Industry
  • GL-22 Suggestions for Members Wishing to Visit Correction Centres
  • GL-23 Workshops
  • GL-24 AA Co-Operation in Research & Non-AA Survey Projects
  • GL-25 Public Information: Convening Dinners / Luncheons
  • GL-26 Operation of the National AA Website
  • GL-27 Process for Changing AA Service Documents
  • GL-28 How a Conference Topic is Developed
  • GL-29 Speaking at Schools
  • GL-30 PI&CPC and T&CF Coordinators & Forums
  • GL-31 Presenting AA Television Community Service Announcements
  • GL-32 Setting Up Local AA Websites
  • GL-33 Suggestions for Members Visiting Treatment Facilities
  • GL-34 AA Child Safety Guideline
  • GL-35 Remote Communities Committees (updated Feb 2017)
  • GL-36  AA Guideline for internet use