Australian AA Service Manual, Ninth Version – Revised 2021

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Service Manual Complete for printing


Individual Sections

Section 1: The Conference Plan

  • AA’s Legacy of Service – Bill W
  • Highlights of AA Service History
  • Jack Alexander Looks at AA
  • Service to the Whole of AA
  • Birth of the Conference
  • The Conference Plan
  • A Resolution (North America)
  • Historical Background of AA in Australia
  • A Resolution (Australia)
  • The General Service Conference Structure
  • The Conference Charter

Section 2: The AA Group

  • What is an AA Group?
  • Responsibility for All Our Services
  • The Final Voice
  • How Much Organisation?
  • Group Conscience Meetings
  • The Home Group
  • Group Information Sheets
  • Registration for Public Liability Insurance

Section 3: The GSR

  • Qualifications & Duties
  • How Elected?
  • The Alternate GSR
  • Election Procedure

Section 4: The District

  • What is a District?
  • The DCM
  • How elected
  • What the DCM does

Section 5: The Area

  • Part 1 The Area Committee

    • Area Officers, Qualifications
    • The Area Assembly
    • Third Legacy Elections
    • Area Support
  • Part 2 Area Activities – Local

    • Non-election Assemblies
    • Sharing Sessions
    • Working with Central Offices
    • How do we form a new Area?
    • The Role of the Area Registrar
    • Part 3 Areas Looking Outward
    • The Area & the Region
    • Area, Regional & National Conventions
    • Regional Forums
    • Regional Trustee Nominations
    • The Area & Conference
    • Help on the Annual Conference Program

Section 6: The Area Delegate

  • The Duties & Role of the Area Delegate
  • Primary Duties
  • Servants, not Senators
  • Term, Origin, Expenses
  • The Alternate Delegate
  • What makes a good Area Delegate?
  • The Area Delegate Goes to Conference
  • Preparing for Conference (Suggestions)
  • Delegate as Communicator
  • Reporting Back Home on Conference
  • Personal Views on General Service
  • What Makes an AA ‘Leader’?

Section 7: The Conference

  • Why Do We Need a Conference?
  • The Annual General Service Conference Meeting
  • How Does it Work?
  • Who Conference Members Are
  • What They Do
  • The Conference Acts for AA as a Whole
  • A Reminder about ‘Chiefs’ in AA
  • How to get Something Discussed at the Conference
  • Advisory Actions
  • Historical North American Conference Advisory Actions
  • Sample of Actions of the Australian General Service Conference from 1967
  • A Note About Changing the AA ‘Service Documents’
  • Advisory Action Flow Chart
  • Reporting to the Fellowship
  • Conference Committees and how they Serve AA

Section 8: AA’s International Activities

  • Overview of the International Service Structure
  • Election
  • Relationship to the General Service Structure
  • Activities – WSM, AOSM and AOSM Zone
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • The International Sponsorship Fund

Section 9: The Board

  • The Board
  • The Trustees
  • How AA Chooses its Trustees
  • Why the Board Chooses its Members
  • Disapproval Votes at Conference
  • Trustees’ Committees
  • Legal Structure of the Board

Section 10: The General Service Office

  • What goes on at GSO?
  • What gets done at GSO?
  • How GSO is structured
  • AA as a Publisher
  • How GSO is supported

Section 11: AA Literature

  • Categories of AA Literature
  • How Literature is Produced
  • AA’s ‘Intellectual Property’
  • Copyright on AA Literature
  • Acknowledging Copyright
  • Licence to Print
  • International Obligations
  • Registered Trademarks
  • Flow Chart for AA Pamphlet Development

Section 12: AA’s Traditional ‘Legacy’ Documents

  • The Twelve Steps
  • The Twelve Traditions
  • The Twelve Concepts for World Service
  • The Charter of the Australian General Service Conference
  • The Third Legacy Procedure

Section 13: Service Documents – General Service Board

  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association

Group Registration Form

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